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Rack Factory

See What Gibraltar's Rack Factory Can Do For You!

Click through the page links below and learn what you can do to trick out your set up with Gibraltar's Rack Factory racks and mounting accessories. See product details, featured setups, and find out what Gibraltar artists have to say about how custom rack setups enhance their performance.


What drummers are saying about racks vs. stands on web drum forums:

"When I use my full kit, I generally use a rack. It just makes life easier, and my 'full kit' isn't all the big. Having the rack keeps everything in the same place and makes set-up a whole lot faster"   "Several years ago I changed my 9 piece setup from stands to a rack, and have never regretted it. I even use a rack for my 4 spice set, because it lets me use more cymbals with less hassle."
"I don't break my rack down. It just fits in the back of my station wagon. There's no tear-down at all, except for raising two of the cymbal booms. When I'm not mic'ed, I'm ready to roll in about 10 minutes. It takes longer to get my drums out of the cases than it does to set up the kit!"   "I currently have three racks, two of which are used for gigging, and enough parts to make another if needed. i only use stands in very rare settings, and have never regretted the move to racks."
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