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  • The Modern Drummer Festival™ 2011 full DVD/video

    Jim Riley MD Fest trailer.
  • Gibraltar Hardware Interview with Karl Perazzo, Percussionist with Santana

    We talked Gibraltar Hardware with Karl Perazzo (percussionist) and Chad Tasky (drum tech) with Santana. Check out the drum rack that they use on tour and find out how easy Gibraltar makes life on the road for touring artists
  • Gibraltar Hardware Artist Shorts

    We gathered up a group of of pro drummers and percussionists to talk about Gibraltar Hardware. Featured are Nat Scott, Luis Conte, Kevin Ricard, Dusty Saxton and Dave Beyer. Learn why pro musicians turn to Gibraltar Hardware when they tour and record.
  • Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts) Interview

    Jim Riley sits down to talk about making a dream rack, hardware choices and how you go about designing a 4-kick drum setup.
  • Scott Phillips (Creed/Alter Bridge) Interview

    Scott Phillips sits down with us backstage at the Mohegan Sun Arena to talk about drum racks and the in-and-outs of setup and tear down on tour.
  • John Otto (Limp Bizkit) Gibraltar Hardware Interview

    John Otto, drummer for Limp Bizkit, takes time to talk about his Gibraltar Hardware rack setup before a show at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre. John talks about how his custom rack works on stage with his enormous (12 drum, 12 cymbal) kit.
  • Rick Woolstenhulme - Gibraltar Hardware

    Rick Woolstenshulme, drummer for Lifehouse, sits down with us before a show at the MGM Grand Theater at the Foxwoods Casino. It's pretty clear that Rick loves chrome - and his Gibraltar gear. He talks chrome, touring and drumming in this backstage chat.
  • Gibraltar Kevin Hastings YouTube

  • Gibraltar Hardware - Jared Champion Interview

    We sat down with Cage the Elephant drummer Jared Champion before a show at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. Jared talks about drumming, drum hardware and the new album 'Thank You Happy Birthday'.
  • Gregg Lohman and Gibraltar's Stealth Rack

    Gregg Lohman, drummer for Kellie Pickler, sat down to with us to discuss his Gibraltar Stealth Rack before a recent show. See what he has to say about his hardware, touring with Kellie and check out footage he sent us that details every part of his on-stage setup.
  • Shawn Drover and Gibraltar Hardware

    We had a chance to catch up with Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover and talk about the latest tours, dvd's and upcoming plans for the band. Shawn also gave us some insight into why he chooses Gibraltar Hardware to get him through such a rigorous touring schedule.
  • Bashiri Johnson and Gibraltar Hardware

    Bashiri Johnson has been a part of the Gibraltar family for over a decade and we were thrilled when he put together this compilation video to show us just how he feels about Gibraltar after all these years. Bashiri is a first call percussionist - as well as an educator, writer and producer. Stay tuned for more from Bashiri and his latest endeavors in the months to come.
  • Jeremy Spencer Interview and his beast of a Drum Rack

    Jeremy Spencer, drummer for Five Finger Death Punch, in this interview shows his amazing Gibraltar drum rack.
  • Samantha Maloney Shows off her New Drum Rack

    Samantha Maloney is on camera showing off her new Gibraltar Hardware drum rack. Brent Barnett worked with Samantha to design this killer new rack. Brent calls it his Low Rider. In this video Samantha talks about wanting a low profile rack. Being symmetrical is important to her playing style. She is currently drumming for Brother Clyde with frontman Billy Ray Cyrus. She has also toured with Motley Crue and Hole.
  • Designing Samantha Maloney's new Gibraltar drum rack

    Jeremy Spencer, drummer for Five Finger Death Punch, in this interview shows his amazing Gibraltar drum rack.
  • Lamb of God's Chris Adler and Gibraltar!

    We recently caught up with Chris while on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival to find out how Gibraltar Hardware works for him!
  • Percussionist Kevin Ricard's new drum rack for The Tonight Show

    In this video Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett interviews percussionist Kevin Ricard to design his new drum rack. Kevin and his band, lead by Rickey Minor, had been the house band for American Idol for the past few years. They will now replace Kevin Eubanks's band as he exits The Tonight Show. 6/7/2010 was their first show.
  • Define Gibraltar Hardware in 5 Words or Less

    We asked our artists to define what Gibraltar Hardware means to them in 5 words or less. Watch what they had to say.
  • Gibralto Man

    The new Frontman for Gibraltar Hardware, was very popular at the 2010 NAMM Show.
  • Mark Schulman custom drum rack for Pink's Funhouse Tour

    Mark Schulman talks about his custom drum rack and how it was set up for Pink's Funhouse tour. Gibraltar Hardware delivers the goods for this awesome rack. This is a behind the scenes look with drum tech Mark Bennett as he constructs this one of a kind drum hardware set up.
  • Behind the music with Kid Rock's Drummer Stefanie Eulinberg

    An interview with Stefanie Eulinberg, Kid Rock's drummer during their tour discussing early days being on tour. She has played with Kid Rock on the David Letterman show to countless concerts around the country.
  • Check out Greg Garman

    on a recent Good Morning American performance in Central Park
  • Check out Gibraltar artist, Bart Robley

    in "Peacekeepers 2010" by The Sam Morrison Band. A Tribute to the men and women of the United States Military.
  • Gibraltar Artist, Aquiles Priester!

    Gibraltar Hardware recently sponsored Aquiles at Musicians Institute's Paiste Day in Hollywood CA!
  • Check out Gibraltar artist Rick Woolstenhulme

    in his new Lifehouse video ���All In���!
  • Band Of Horses - Laredo on Letterman

  • Kicking Daisies

  • Kicking Daisies

    Big Bang Theory - Live On Fearless Music
  • Customize A Stock Gibraltar Rack

    How To: Episode 5: "Extreme Hardware Makeover". Brent customizes a stock Gibraltar Hardware drum rack demonstrating how Gibraltar offers drummers "no limitations" when designing your drum set up. Brent has a few tips & tricks in this instructional video showing that if you can dream, it you can build it with Gibraltar.
  • Converting A Pearl Rack To A Gibraltar Hardware Rack

    How To: Episode 4 - In this new episode of the Extreme Hardware Makeover video series you will learn the differences between the two drum rack systems demonstrating the multi clamp, memory locks, square rack versus round tubes and the importance of an adjustable T leg in the stability of your rack.
  • NAMM 2011 product preview: Gibraltar Turning Point Hardware

  • New Products NAMM 2011: Gibraltar's Swing Nut

  • Dusty Saxton Custom Gibraltar Drum Rack

    In this video Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett shows how he built a drum rack for Ember's drummer Dusty Saxton. Dusty wanted curved bars with double tiers, and flashy but stealth. Brent suggested he use a combination of ideas from Samantha Maloney and Al Wilson
  • Basics on how to set up a drum rack: Gibraltar Hardware

    Our rack expert Brent Barnett walks you through the basics on how to set up a front curved rack for your drum set up. This rack is the GRS400C road series. As you'll see keeping everything level is the key. Once you have this in place you can begin to build and customize using the GRS150C side rack.
  • Gibraltar iPod/MP3 Stand Mount

    Introducing the new Gibraltar SC-GMP3MNT iPod and MP3 Stand Mount. Check out the the video and see the most convenient way to include your MP3 right right in your setup at your new practice session or gig.
  • Gibraltar Hardware Quick Release Drum Key

    Introducing Gibraltar Hardware's new SC-GQRDK Quick Release Drum key. The top is knurled for extra grip so you can spin the key when changing heads for extra speed and adjustment. Plus, fast and easy access to the drum key as the quick release attaches to any carabiner clip or landyard
  • Derek Kerswill's drum rack: Gibraltar Hardware tips

    Brent from Gibraltar Hardware talks about the drum rack he designed for drummer Derek Kerswill. If you're a touring drummer here are some good tips on how you could put your rack together, and why you should use a rack instead of stands. Derek did not want a huge rack, but did want the benefits of having the drums and cymbals in the same place each time he setup his drum kit without having to make small incremental adjustments.
  • Gibraltar Geosphere Drum Rack at Sam Ash Hollywood

    The geoshpere by Gibraltar Hardware was a hit at the NAMM show this year and Sam Ash has it on display in their showroom in Hollywood. This is a one of a kind custom designed rack and belongs as much in an art gallery as a music shop. It seems as much like sculpture as it does a drum rack, you have to see it to believe it.
  • How to: make a Cymbal Tree for Multiple Splash Cymbals

    With the SC-MCSA6 6-inch Mini Cymbal Stacker you can add second cymbal. Screws onto existing 8mm cymbal tilter (1pk)
  • How to: Add 2 Splash Cymbals to a Cymbal Stand

    SC-MCSA4 4-inch Mini Cymbal Stacker. Add 2nd cymbal on top of an existing cymbal tilter 4 inches above an existing stand (1pk).
  • How to: Add a Splash Cymbal to a Boom Rod

    Learn how to customize your drum set up with the Deluxe Cymbal Tilter Attachment with Swivel Adjustment. Fits onto most cymbal boom stand rods. Lets you add on additional cymbal to existing cymbal stand (1pk)
  • How to: Add a Small Crash Cymbal to the End of a Boom

    SC-CT Add on Cymbal Tilter lets you add a splash or mini cymbal to the end of a 12.7 mm boom rod. Great for adding second cymbal to boom stands (1pk)
  • How to: Make Room for a Splash Without a Tripod

    SC-CSA Straight Cymbal Stacker Assembly with Tilter, allows two cymbals (of any size) to be placed on top of each other with approx 8 inches of clearance between them. Mounts on most 6mm and 8mm cymbal stand tops (1pk)
  • How to: Mount a 12" Boom Rod for a Splash Cymbal to a Stand

    SC-CMBAC medium cymbal boom attachment clamp lets you mount a splash or small crash cymbal to your existing vertical tube stand, adjustable angle, 12 inch boom (1pk)